Wednesday, March 9, 2016

alone and survival

Alhamdulillah, I passed my Medical Posting exam, the one that I cried over for days and nights because of the pain and burden of it. And guess what? I cried again after I got the result, I just don't know how to thank Him more.

Bantuan Dia selalu datang dalam bentuk yang tak disangka-sangka. I'm the happiest person, God :)

Currently working for my second last posting, Paediatrics. Well, it's all about cute kids around. By looking at the responsibility a mother bears, I believed I'm not ready enough for that kind of task, perhaps that's the reason why He keep me single till now.

We always thought that our plan is the best, but we forget that we've the best of the best planner.

May He grant me the strength to finish what I've started six years ago. Alone and survival kan? Just five months more dear self, embrace yourself.

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