Friday, February 12, 2016

life never treat everyone the same

I have this one close friend, but not many of our other friends know that we're close with each other and we share our top secrets together. So, I've to keep her as a secret even it's in here.

There's one night while we're having dinner together, suddenly she tell me she's uncertain either or not to proceed with her engagement and marriage. I startle for a while. Hey girl, what comes to your mind out of a sudden?

I still remember the story of a few months back when a doctor proposed her for a marriage but she refused because she stubbornly wanna marry this one guy. Now, when this same guy make a move to marry her. she falls into confusion.

I'm single and I don't really know how to encounter this sort of feeling that she had. I've never been put in her place. But I try and calmly talk to her. So I make my own conclusion, it's about commitment.

She's a student, her father is unemployed, her mother had passed away and she's the second out of many siblings. So what do you think? What should I tell her?

First, please proceed. Don't delay what's good.

Second, he's a good guy I believe. If you lose him today, there's no promise that you'll have him again later. He's ready to accept you for who you are. He never look at what you don't have but he appreciates what you have.

Third, don't get influence by your surrounding. Yes you'll always get fascinated by your other girlfriends' grand wedding with at least three dresses, but trust me that's not what's compulsory. Just proceed with whatever things that you can afford. There's no need to stress yourself out just because of simple things like that.

Come on girls, life never treat everyone the same. There's good and bad, poor and rich, smart and clumsy, pretty and ugly, healthy and sick, success and fail, and etc. So don't compare, it's unfair for ourselves and everyone else.

Most importantly always keep that strong faith in Him. He never serve us with anything that's unacceptable to our mind and soul. Be positive.

'Selalu bersangka baik dengan Dia.'

And keep on praying. May He keep the hearts of the both of you together because it's He who flip your heart and direct it according to His will. Doa is a weapon for true believers.

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