Thursday, December 17, 2015

act accordingly

On 07/12/2015 (Monday) at around 6pm, something bad happened to me. I won't tell much about it, yeah, I'm not the kind of person, but of course, there's something significant to learn from. It's beyond what's acceptable to me and I believed to everyone else as well. How to know that it's unacceptable? When they're abusing your right, it's out of your willingness and that thing disturbs you throughout the days and nights either physically or mentally or both. So, when you fall into this kind of situation, act accordingly, Don't just see and simply accept what they did. Do something in return. Not to say that, you've to become wild and attack them, but yes go through the proper channel since we live in country with rules and regulations.

Okay back to my story, as days pass by, this issue do affect me a lot. I was unable to sleep and kept on thinking about it again and again. As I reached my limit, yes I know I need to do something. I might always look innocent as if I won't fight back for things that I want in life, but to certain extent, I can't just simply see and get affected by it. And I'm grateful for the action that I took. So, I went to make police report and alhamdulillah all those people who've annoyed me agreed to settle this soon. Lessons learnt!

We're about to reach 2020 but obviously we're still lacking in morality and values, People would do anything to fulfill their needs and perhaps to the extent of annoying others' rights. Being nice and polite is what's taught by the Prophet SAW, but in certain situation, learn how to be strict and protect your right. Be assertive through the right channel.

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